Secrets Detection

Secrets Detection is a feature of our SaaS platform that scans your code for secrets and credentials, sign up and find your secrets for free.

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Secrets detection

Know where your secrets are hiding analyzes your entire organisations source code in real time, pro-actively identifying secrets like API keys, certificates, database connection strings, passwords, encryption keys and more. Trend risk over time and understand the overall health of software components with holistic risk ratings.

Regardless of source control system, get oversight of secrets wherever they exist.



Azure DevOps

Console and CLI

Empower engineers teams to remediate vulnerabilities and identified secrets by providing them with actionable intel and guidance.

Our CLI tool integrates with your CI/CD to scan your code as it is being written, and our GitHub and BitBucket integrations allow you to scan your code as it is being committed. Prevent secrets from reaching source control with our CLI tools.

Uncover secrets wherever they lurk in your codebase

Get realtime oversight of any secrets in your codebase, along side pro-active risk mitigation intel.

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