Features update January 2024

Written by Andy Ballinger on January 8th, 2024

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January 2024 Major Product Updates – What’s New?

We've been working hard to make vulnerabilities easy to integrate in your business and Software Development Life Cycle. We understand how important it is for SaaS products to fit into your existing joiners, movers and leavers processes without introducing extra work for (already busy!) IT teams.

User Roles & Management

Full user management is now supported. Through organisation Settings, people be on/off boarded as required. Alongside having their access level controlled. User Admin Screen

Administrators can invite individuals by specifying their email address. By default, they'll be assigned a User role (which means they can't manage users), but can their user role can be changed by clicking the Edit button beside the desired person. User Invite Popup

Elixir & Rust Ecosystem Support Added

Vulnerabilities.io now support Elixir and Rust ecosystems. Helping to ensure you've got total visibility and that no part of your software stack gets missed. To get the benefit, just make sure you have included any repositories containing these languages/ecosystems in your integrations settings.

Rust Logo

Rust's rising popularity is partly due to its strong emphasis on memory safety, zero-cost abstractions, and fearless concurrency. It provides performance similar to low-level languages like C and C++ while preventing common programming errors, making it a great choice for systems programming and building robust, secure applications.

Elixir Logo

Elixir is popular for its scalability, fault tolerance, and productivity. It leverages the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM) for highly concurrent and distributed systems. Its functional programming paradigm, easy syntax and emphasis on developer-friendly tooling contribute to its appeal, particularly in building resilient and scalable web applications.

Vulnerabilities.io is designed to cover your entire software estate through integrations with each of your source control systems. SBOMs are real-time and available at any time at the click of a button.

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